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I'm and downloading and playing this on a mac. When the new update comes, will it be automatically be in the game, or do I have to delete and redownload it again, which deletes my progress too :( also is there any way the new version can be released a little sooner...? Quarantine life is torturing please help a brother out lol

So far I have played up to 8% of the game and it says wait for the new update. I just wasn't sure if it messed up or is that how far you can progress at the moment?

i beleive so

Im 10% so far and it says thats as far as i can go

when will be the next update

best game

Ho appena scaricato DISCORD e mi sono registrato ,ora come faccio a salvare il mio progresso in Treasure of Nadia ?

I do not have the option to continue to my savesd games anymore and i have to start all over again. How dit this happen?
I play the game in my browser and i think i dit not have it installed...
I completed it to the last new update and played just over 11 houres. What can i do to fix this problem? i really dont want to start all over again, but i really like the game a lot.

Download a legal copy from here or Patreon and you won't experience any bugs or lost save files. has all the links. If you need save files to skip ahead in the game there is a link to a Discord server on the site that has files and information on skipping ahead in the game.

ok thank you so much!
the support is awsome


Where is the 13th page for version 32051, I can't find it anywhere


Same here, I know the chest location, mine is on the mountain but I don't know where the key is.

For anyone having difficulty figuring out the fishing ....

Perch and Rockfish tend to go for the jigs and plugs, I have more success with the green and natural than the pinks. My records are Perch 5.3 lbs and Rockfish 31.21 lbs

Tuna and Marlin both go for the squid, pink is best, green if you lose your pink, I don't get much on the natural. My records are Tuna 110.95 lbs and Marlin 1096.72 lbs

Both the Hammerhead and Great White Sharks take the natural plug and at a pinch the natural jig. Haven't had much success with any of the others. My records are Hammerhead 942.67 lbs and Great White 1894.87 lbs

I caught all of these before the heavy lures came out in the recent update, but the heavy lures mean you snap off less.

Every time you leave the beach and come back, the fish reset, so go back and forth until you see what you want to try and catch, and the size of the fish you see determine the weight.


Do you know when the next update is coming out?

Free version on June 1st and May 15th for Patreon

hey what about free downloaders bro!!!

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how can i play a newer version on mac? i played one of the v3xxxx and download the v11122 but if i start the game i get still the message i have finished the update

same her

Is there a chance of getting your game to steam ? 

how much will v11122 complete

11% compared to supporters 25%-32%

I liked playing this game and I am happy I found this game so I thank you very much for your efforts in creating this game 

Because of the stone there is no need to use walkthrough and this idea in game I liked it very much it's very easy to play Thanks again 😅

V30042 - 29% complete 

When will b the nxt updation 

there is V32051 31% complete

and i dont know about the next 

where is the next free update

how much is the paid version of the next update ?

muy buen juego EXELENTE

Hi, why i can't turn on the filter?

How do I download updates andorid can you help or link has all download links

I'm trying to play on the latest Ubuntu after having played on Android (so I know how it should look). During scenes where clouds and light dance over the top of the town and park and other areas, there is a huge black diamond that rotates back and forth. The demo on Linux worked with no black diamond, just later versions. 

Make sure your GPU is being utilized

When will the new update come?
What's the latest update?

When will the new update come?
What's the latest update?

Check out

Best adult game i play on my phone but please increase more money in the next update.thank you

Do I have to pay or get membership for getting next update ???

To get the most recent update yes. But there will be a free version released on May 1st that gets you to 11% (paid versions up to 32%)

how to get paid version and how much it is


hi can i savedata of  my games on android for the next version?

It's automatic as long as you dont uninstall the older version

Are there any options one could do to get auto-updates so the game will automatically update as new updates are released?

Download the laucher and you will get auto updates

I have downloaded everything but how do you get to the .zip file like it says to do?

I wanna play the game but i don't know what to do...

If you install the launcher there is no zip file. Just run the game after it installs


just finished ToN .09121 . luv Emily bootycall . The hi res graphics are awesome

Is only 6% of the game we can play now


Where is the next update

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how to fix load error on exam licence on store 

any idea ?

pls help


can u guys launch this game on steam in early access so i can enjoy game and help u guys with development

would be great if on steam

I have problem with the game

when I try to open game it  shows me "you must over 18 and ...." and then my pc will freez and I have to restart my computer

any ideas?


please, add foot fetish in ToN

Excuse me, is this game available in the itch desktop app?

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hey love the game , two problems I ran into, one when I went to the beach to see the sex scene half way through it the scene wouldn’t play only audio  but I solved it by running the game with GPU and the second problem was when you enter the cave with Nalita and follow Clare when it came to the Scene where she would fuck the stone to open the trade-in thing it didn’t open but the dialogue went on as if it did open and I can’t interact with it. Other than that the game is amazing and I plan on using patreon if the next update is as good as this one. If you can answer this when is the next update for free users???

The next free update is on May 1st

what ver now treasure of nadia for android?thanks

I've just finished update 27041.  Game is at arround 20% completed now. So, now I have to wait for the nex update to continue???

how can i update my game thanks android user

im playing this game and suddenly theres a message that wait for the update i didnt fuck anyone from the character and need update help me ty

Hello, I just experimenting the free version of the game and for scenes I have audio but I do not see videos. Is it normal? I checked filter was off and I use low quality parameters so mycomputer can handle the game. Otherwise it is pretty addictive, I was so hyped to see you're doing another game!

make sure you're using the GPU when running the game and then the videos will show up.

Thank you I'll look into it!

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