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 I have a glitch that I have completed 91 percent of the game but it is still showing 81 percent

newest updates have the highest overall quality of models and animation renders of any AVN available today. 
well impressed.

Hi anyone know how to update Android version? And does PC version currently had more story than Android version?

anyone know how to update android version? Please Help

i downloaded the installer/auto-updater for windows but when it finished installing and launch the game crashes
any solution?

I just shut off 4 valves under the lighthouse and went to the last room under the lighthouse.  Upon entering the room there is a dialog, after which Clare goes underground to the next chamber area.  The game then freezes.  I tried restarting several times without success.

How to Download for Android

How do I get under the library after its burned down? is there a way or no? I have an old map with an x in the room under it but i cant get there

How to download

The Nun (literally 51) looks like a 30 year old (and a virgin) 

The game deifies reality and physics

What more can you want

therefore I have now become a patron in Patreon


i dont understand what dis means


hi bug in treasure of naida 

after dialog in alia and emily in esterokey , alia home stop (not move ) no action 

plz help me :(

do you have an estimated date yet for when it will be available on Steam?


Probably near the end of the year

why do you update just a few scenes, or only 1 -2% on every updates, we have to wait 15 days for the new update, and once we download it, its only just a few scenes, so you should atleat update 5-10% on every update, that will make all of us happy.


i have the game downloaded on my android but everytime i try to install it, it just gives me the “error app not installed” and im starting to feel like an idiot


I download the updated version in mac. Version V.40071.. is this the new version? It gives me a loading error. 

Failed to load: img/characters/$PEOPLE-HeroAdventurer@(7).png

please help

it does it for me too... 


i need help guys :((((((((((

did you find the solution?

I download it on mega but it failed to parse the package when i try to download it

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I am playing version V 0.89064 on gamcore website. At the very beginning of this chapter game says that something is going to happen at squallmart. But when I get in nothing happens...

Can you update new version?

i have downloaded the latest android version  .40071 , and i had downloaded the previous version from this nlt website  .38062

but i cannot continue the game. 

It says

plzzzz help


Hey I want stone talisman for crafting concrete. I am unable to find even after taking boost. Can anyone tell me where to or how to find it. I just need one??

Plisss how

How to update treasure of nadia v40071


is the version v 87061 the newest version or is 40071?  im confused

Is there any way to pull a saved game from a version I was playing online? I downloaded the newest version but I can only start a new game.

How to update treasure of nadia  in android?

Simply install the new apk

No it's not happening, all my content was lost.

Did you have a pirate version of the game installed?

I already updated new version 40 I'm playing also but again coming this Updated massage

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Main scenes are showing black screen. Even the scene player is not working

Make sure your GPU is set to run with the game. Google "windows 10 gpu settings"

I'm running it on android


Did you download the game from here?

No, is it free here!?

I already updated new version 40 I'm playing also but again coming this massage

How to update

Where is the link of the last version please

All game links can be found at

is there any hints for the puzzles in the ancient temple?

I have done most of them but I am stuck on a couple and its driving me insane.

Check out the walk-through channel on Discord.  Link is at

Constantly crashes on MacOS :(

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I can't update 38 Version   Treasure of Nadia 


The free version for the update is not available until June 2nd

I can't do anything at this point...i'm frozen there :(

Did you hack your save file at some point? That is almost always a death sentence for that save file.

Hey, yes, I did cheated a bit with coins but when I saw this "crash" I went back to a previous save(I create a new save file like every 10 min) and started from there with no cheating but with the same result :( 

you'd have to go all the way back before you did any hacks.  Even a very small change will break it. 

Where's the save file on android


I am on version 85052 and the soul crystal tells me to meet Kaley at the park.  I go to the park and nothing happens, anyone else experiencing this?

I seem to have encountered a bug...

I just started the game, and when I'm left alone in the house, and the instruction tells me to click on stairs, I encounter a black screen. I tried many times, and on one occassion, I managed to reach the library to find some diana for soul crystal, but the moment I do, there is black screen again. It was just on this run, that this message showed up on the screen. I play the android version. Could you tell what's wrong?

Did you download it from here? Try reinstalling it

I tried reinstalling

I downloaded it from here. It lead me to the Mega website. I also tried reinstalling it as well. No luck so far. The problem still persists.😅

Try going to and use the demo link to play it on Newgrounds. See if it works better there.

Did u find any solution for this?.... I've got the same problem

Sorry. The problem is still there.😅

When's the final version of the game gonna be out?

Plzz someone help i cannot able to play 

do i have to download game again 


Be sure you are downloading the latest release from Patreon.

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