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where can i get  v38062 for mac?

Download links are at

Hi guys. I need help updating my android game. I just finished 16% and it says I ve run out of update. Can someone help me update my game and move forward? Is this a paid or free update? Can't really find any links here to download the apk for update file. Cheers! 

Guyzzz, is there anyway to get easy money other than collecting talismans, the probability of getting talisman is getting lower even though i have the rare guide, stompin boots, metal detector & swift shovel, any cheats for android in version 19021.

And I can't even make money more than 20,300/- no matter how much I try.....

God !!!!! this drives me crazy......

I'm at the part where I need to talk to Madalyn to show her the pirate diary, but when I go to the church she isn't there, where is she?

There's a hack that breaks save games. For clean save files visit the Discord Faq channel. Link at

Update storyline when?

Next free update is September 1st


Believe it or not but I'm playing this game for the story for most of the part. The only problem I have is that I'm playing it on Android so every update I have to keep deleting it and then starting all over which is just...😭. This is my favourite game out of the rest and you got me hooked with your characters and plot. I can't wait for 2021 and finish the whole game although I am going to miss it after I finish the whole game. Hope you continue to develop the game.


I have read a few replies from nlt and it says that you have to download the apk and then you install it to update it. I'm still confused a bit so please reply. Do you install the new version of the apk while you already have the old version and does that update the game?

Install the APK without deleting the old version and it'll update the old version.

ok thanks

yes you can install updated version with your existing version that will update your game

Diana for Life.

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dude you have to install the updated version with your exiting app that you been installed already in your phone.that way you can update the game

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are there update files for mac? instead of downloading whole game again?

On patreon there is but for Mac it's not recommended unless you know how to merge the files properly

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bro i know how to merge files and i did it until v36061 but i couldn't get  v38062. i have the remaining update files. where can i get that for mac please?

Really awesome game. It's an interesting story that certainly has my attention. When do you think the game will be completed? 

Thanks! 2021

Turned in 4 Philweed, but not able to find anymore.  Is my luck terrible or is it not possible to find more?

not possible


I've got an issue where my character walks south by itself. Can't move when it happens, the only way I found out to temporarily fix it is to load the current saved file. But the issues starts a few seconds after again.

Does anyone know what the issue is?

Do you have a controller plugged in?

Ah yes, I had a wheel connected. That seems to have solved it. Thanks :) 

Can I transfer save file from previous ver. to this new ver in android? If yes, how? Great game! Thanks

If you are downloading only the official version it will retain your saves every time you update, to any version. 

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I'm sorry but I don't get it. Do I have to download the new ver. of the game again and use the chapter select or there is an option to update the game in ANDROID? Thanks for the reply :)

if you Download and run the apk it will update your game.

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Updated the game like you said and Thank you! But after loading my last saved file it still says i finished the ver. of the game even the other save files that are at 34% it still says i finished the ver. of the game and the map has reset, some areas are missing too. Hoping reply. :))

Edit: No matter what save file I load it always loads at 26%

Nvm I'll just redownload the game and use chapter select. Thank you! 

No complains, just wanted to let the devs know that this game is amazing I'm having so much fun with this game. the best adult game i have played so far. great story, interesting characters, nice models and environment overall a really great job, keep it coming.

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i just updated ton after  i started the game it showed an error saying uncaugth syntax error: unexpected end of JSON input. i cannot play the game . pls help what do i do?

What is the new update V.?

So how do you update the game in android?

Download the APK and run it to install the game.

I'm curious if the First two girls with you at the start are meant to be your Mother and sister? I've seen Incest patch/mods for it but i want to know if it's intentional because of Patron Terms & Service or if it's the Developers intention for them to be related or not?

when will the next update come out?

Why my game exe can't start?


How do I update the game? (android)

So did you find out how to? 

Weird the version I was originally on I saved at 41% and then updated to the latest which took items away and the ancient temple aswell ? Very confused

Can't wait for the next update for android sitting at 41% wondering what happened to the ancient temple challenges was only just up to the 7th before I updated to 0.16012 and it vanished, is there anything else I can do while waiting for the next update  ?


why is mine finished at 12%?other people are like at 31-40%

Im stucked at 15 % save data, is the android version is more late than pc version about getting update?

im done at like said its already finished (mine is windows ver)

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I finally understand.. we're stucked like that because the version in this page is way too old.. last update date in this page is march 2020 while the newest update is July 2020, you can find the newest update outthere

Do you have a link?

It's better if you search on google, so much of it.. this is the owners of the game page

this should be the Game's Link, Mods and patch's i think it's the Developers website but i hope this helps if you couldn't sort it out yourself

any update what the update is? im stuck at 31%


ive completed 40%


I cant update the app please help


auto updater is not working in 32 bit please help

How to update game on mobile without losing your progress?

When will the next update com???

How to stop Albert from smaking butts

guys do anyone of you have save game files for 30%. I am stuck over there. Please share your file with me

If I download the game - can I transfer progress from gamecore? When will the new versions be up on gamecore? Will I be able to transfer my progress to them?

Appreciate the game bro - I'm really loving it

I'm just not sure I want to go all the way back through again.

Why can't I download Windows

Whats new in this update


If  i download the latest version from MEGA on android i can not open the file. Before i got a app on my phone that was called "Treasure of nadia" but now it stayes in the MEGA folder where i can not open or play the game. Please help

Open apk installer autometicly find file

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Hey, your game is very good ! Just wanted to say that at the end of the last update you said that the rendering was very long, and I have a prety good computer so if ou would like some help with rendering let me know !

Is there a way to purchase the full game or is this just updated as time progresses?

is the new update here for free to play ?

There will be shortly. Withing a couple hours version .16012 will be up

But what got updated in it?

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Question: I am told to give the Pirate Diary to Madalyn, who, according to all walkthroughs, should be in her room at the church. But she simply isnt. This leaves me stuck, because nothing else can progress (even maxed out fishing for now). Is there anything that can be done to load her into her chambers maybe?

I have exactly the same problem, so this is not an isolated incident.

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