A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Treasure of Nadia V.51092

Cape Vedra is a town bustling with treasure tourism ever since Sofia Vesper, the worlds richest treasure hunter bought a mansion there. What secrets are waiting for you to discover?

Treasure of Nadia is an erotic adventure game featuring 12 gorgeous women that you will meet as you adventure throughout the hidden caves and jungles searching for artifacts to make a name for yourself in the treasure hunting world.

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsAdult, Erotic, NSFW, nudity, sex, Story Rich

Install instructions


  • Download the Game zip file 
  • Open and extract the .zip file. I recommended the software WinRAR  if you do not already have a Zip software.
  • Launch game in the extracted directory.  


Treasure of Nadia Installer and Auto-Updater for Windows
Treasure of Nadia for Windows
Treasure of Nadia for Linux
Treasure of Nadia for Mac
Treasure of Nadia for Android

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Hi, it seems i get stuck at 59% in Treasure of Nadia 1.0.117

I headed over to the Old Fort that is under the Lighthouse and used the Mysterious Key to unlock the door. I entered the room and collected everything. It should now get late and i should be taken to the church to meet with Madalyn automatically ... but nothing happens. Meeting Madalyn manually doesnt trigger the further story. So its stuck somehow. I tried exploring all regions once more but nothing seems to help. Also checked that i have all items which i should have at that point. Verifing the install tells no errors. Anyone who could help ?

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So I downloaded the installer and the update app, and at the end of the install it said I could download 1.0117 version via Patreon, or stick with 0.85 if not. So what will I actually get on Steam if I buy it??! 0.85 or 1.0117?!

I'm not a fan of this particular Patreon idea and the NLT games aren't available on Steam for my country. It would be great if there would be another way to buy them. Like a one-time payment for the latest version and lower prices for updates.

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The game is top tier.
I completed 49% of the game and I think I will buy the game but in what tier of patreon can I get the game and will I be able to keep my save of the demo after I buy the game ? 

Bro the game story, graphics are fantastic but main issue is with NSFW settings, please help me out with this man. This thing just ruin the whole adult gaming experience......🙏🙏

Is this a demo version?

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Im at 98% complete on the pc steam version and I cant make the pirate key because there are no broken keys to be found.  The last key I found was in the library after the fire. Am I missing something?


theres a dialog that bothers me in the game

tasha says 'is gay porn paying well?' when talking about 2 guys

she mocks them and talks down on gays

shes a bisexual girl who does tons of lesbian stuff in the game

a girl who does lesbian & bisexual stuff talking down on gays is gross

if you dont want to put gay & trans scenes in your game is ok

but at least dont make bisexual girls talking ill of gays

like shes so high and mock gays

she feels so high & does lesbian stuff & straight stuff and is high & all and degrade and talk ill of gays


How is that line bad? I don't agree with this at all.

Hi bois. I get bug in my game . When i start any scenes it's give only black screen. there is only sound but no video. How can i fix this?

Please fix the bug, i saw alia and emily become 2, then the game stopped

maybe the free version is broken lol

I keep seeing two Alia and Emily when I go to squallmart just after Alia go their for part time job,,and game does not working after dialogues,, how to fix this plzzz tell anyone

same here!!!


this is one of the greatest games ive ever played

however the girls in lust epidemic were far hotter

this new girls are too wide & thick

whats with that wide-hip fetish

slenderness & skinniness is what is really hot & pretty

this thick & wide hip girls are just not that hot

some of the girls in lust epidemic were ultra hot, very skinny overall

but all this new wide thickness

i dont see how can people like this wide thickness hip stuff

skinniness is what is really hot & pretty


Please tell me the official site to download this game

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is it possible to locate android save file without root


And where can I buy the full version of this game?

I believe Steam has the full version. Or Patreon, I suppose.

Hi, where is this bar? says I have to get a certain parchment.

I'm stuck at getting the crafting scroll from behind the bar. I thought I already read it but the hint says I need to get it. The bar tender (not in game I forgot her name) is in the way and I tried everything I can think of to get her out of the way any help?

Are there any notable differences between this version and the Steam version? 

Keyboard mapping/movement bug. 

Every time I change to a new area the character automatically moves upwards and the keyboard controls are mapped incorrectly. The mouse doesn't control the movement either. Once I have pressed all four directions on the keyboard the mapping is corrected and I can move with the mouse again but it only lasts until I move to a new area again. It is very frustrating and I can't figure out why it's happening. 

I've tried a wired keyboard with no luck and a different monitor with no luck as well. I've also tried messing around with settings, restarting, and verifying the cache in steam. Does anyone have a similar problem or know a fix for this?

dialogue keeps automatically skipping, anyone any idea what would cause that?

Maybe you activated the option to skip the Story? Check the ingame settings. 

When is the next update?

Or is the complete version only on patreon?

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Yes, you need to pay a little bit money to get the full version on his Patreon. It's not very expensive and worth it, though.

This game is finished. Dev is currently working on the new game "The Genesis Order"


How can i open inventory in mobile ? Im stuck in the house with soul stone because of that. 

3SAT  진행이  안돼는데 방법이  없나요?

Also, how can I save the game while playing on Android? Every time I open the game, it play like new. Thank you.


Hi, I bought this game on Steam, Can I use it on my Android phone? Do I need to buy license again? Thank you.

is this complete version?

You can buy the full version on his Patreon. It's not very expensive and absolutley worth it.

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I need help in the ancient temple, in one of the "missions", in the endings he tells me something about jim in the bait shop, can you tell me what to do to achieve it?

There is a Shop where you can buy baits for fishing. And if you talk to him he gives you Challenges to catch special fishes of a certain weight. After you got/catched them all, at some point he will tell you he did run out of money.

Im using android and it always gets a screen bug where the display goes blank

Display bug

Help, I'm stuck on making concrete for SAM because I can't find any stone talisman :)

Help - I am stuck at the front Sophia's mansion! The only thing I seem to be able to do is to make a booty call.  How do Leave the front of Sophia's mansion?  I walk own the sidewalk and I just stop?!?

Início de jogo em português do Brasil.

thanks to NLT for the game key ;)

Hi guys I've downloaded the latest game but I wanna know if anyone else having problems with the Talismans, not respawning. Like when you exit and re-enter an area it usually respawns after a few tries but recently on my new playthrough and on my first playthrough they are not. 

How do you sell all the talisman after the finale?

i got it already..

I am liking this game, but have come across a bug. (Sorry for spoilers.) When you get to Sophia's Mansion and try to get the dart it is never there. I have tried everything, including loading an earlier save (48%) and trying again, but whatever I do it does not show up. Any ideas please would be grateful as I would love to progress in the game. Thank you.

i have download this game for first time in my android phone but i dont know how to save game whenever ill go back after completing one mission ill start from beginning 🥹 pls help how to save game in which i can load it back whenever i needed 

The same to me ^^

Is this never going to be updated on here?


Apparently they intend to keep the rest of the game paywalled.


F95 Zone has the whole game.


Well, the Guy put a lot of work into that game. And it's really not expensive. Think aboust supporting him, since he's allready working on a sequel "The Genesis Order".

How can I get rid of the bee behind the library?

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Hi, im at 27% before the kayak exam, but i cant buy it at Squallmart, Emily is staying behind the checkout and only think she says if i have someone to hire or about plans, i dont want to do everything again, even a Michael is staying outside, can someone help please ? :/

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Have you clicked on the exam, rather than clicking on Emily if you do that it should bring up the option to buy it.

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yeah i read  it manny times, i dont know what can i do more. Like i write before Emily is standing behind the checkout not infornt of, and the soul cristal still says that i have to go to the store and ask Emily of she has a kayak exam

Have you been to the library and talked to Pricia/Diana?

I have same problem, if you already fixed it pls tell me how

I'm at 48%. Got both keys behind the library yet the soul crystal is stuck telling me to get the key hidden in the bushes behind library and I cant get any other clues. Please help.

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use this guide bro


Im at 44% and soul crystal is saying I'm done for the update ? I see people get past that point how do I get this fixed

download the final version 

"buy" the final version. It's really not expensive and if you support this guy, he will produce more great games like "The Genesis Order" currently.

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