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The soul stone said that their was a shipment on the way to the office but it doesn't arrive

Only download from the links at for bug-free versions

how are we supposed to transfer our save data on android if we cant find the folder that's a reason why chapter select should be available for android 

Chapter select was added in newer versions. Save files should not delete. Make sure you're downloading only official versions of the game either on or Patreon

Ok thanks i was downloading the version on fap nation I've been getting updates on there since lust epidemic

Is this the latest version, cuz the last time Is v25032

will there be any evie sex scenes?

can someone please tell me what happened to chapter select on the android version 

Chapter select is available on Android to all Patreon supporters at

I seen in another post you stated the next free update wouldn't be until April 1st. Is there a way to get it sooner than that? Like become a supporter on like Patreon.

Yes supporters on Patreon get the updates a few months earlier and get new content twice a month.

The update shows up as V.06113 but when I click on the download for PC crime is linked to the MEGA page but there I see the update is V.06112. Why is that so, please explain it to me?

.06112 is .06113 in this case. It's a long story. But don't worry. It's correct.

Ok thanks, I'm looking forward to the latest update, hope it will be released the fastest !!

How can I download the latest update without losing the old proces

how can i use the winrar

А когда будет?

New version release date??? 

Please tell and how I update game

If you use the launcher/auto updater you will be prompted once a new version is available. Next date for the free release is April 1st

I Like This Game Graphic 😘😘

And This Is Best Of My Life Adult Game 

I Can't Wait Next Update I❤NLT 

Keep Moving Guys Thank You For Creator Team

Люди добрые прошел 20% игра говорит ждите обновление,  как его скачать,  срочно пожалуйста подскажите

обновления пока нет.

Only have these two game?

NLT, everytime I download the game through MEGA it only allows me to play a demo, and it ends very quickly. Yet I have followed these instructions but still don't have the full game on my computer. What should I do? Also this game is amazing keep up the good work. 

the game should end around 6% in this version. What % are you at?

Hi what version is latest of treasure of Nadia?

oh i see I ended at 5%. when will the next update be? I can't wait!

NLT, I respect you, keep it up, This is the best game. Especially cool character in this game is Claire, pay more attention to her!))

So I have loved both of your games and I just started this one (still waiting for update to Lust epidemic) but a problem I have seen with both games on Android is the GUI. I am assuming it is do to the engine used but one is that the screen won't rotate to your preferred side (not a big deal but my the image is upside down compared to my normal viewing) but the other thing is I can't save the option I select on the main menu. I change full screen to on but every time I go back to the option menu it is set back to off, any ideas?

Some features are desktop only. You're right that the engine is made for desktops but is ported to mobile. I am working on an online version of the game though that will work better.

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Just love the games. On Treasure of Nadia Im on 15% since i started. Yesterday, i download the new update but yet when i select the crystal ball it says ive reached the end of the build. Im surely doing something wrong

Hello i want to translate the game to my language can you tell me what is the  files on the game? i translating games with files like rpy to my language but this game is diferent and i cant found the files can some1 help me?

Hey NLT. I love this game but have a problem since ive played it 6 hours in the internet. So ive played an older version on . Is there any way i can get the safe files from that website to the downloaded game

You can use these saves...

I just finished the update .... I loved the game... When the new update will be release??

The next free release will be on April 1st. The next release on Patreon will be on March 15th.

bro just played full story and loved the game amazing  please make like this and please make a auto updater and installer of lust epidemic  

does this include femdom female domination ?

Not yet. But sort of in later versions and there is lots of new kinks planned


Does anyone know when new update is released?

What happend to chapter select on android

em quanto em quantos tempo sai cada atualização


Is the free version varies from the grand master one..?

Nlt are you realising it on steam like Lust epidemic ? 

When upgrading from one version to a newer. Is there a way to keep your saved game files - so you don't need to start over? 

I'm using the Mac version. I went into show package content. I did not see any updated files with todays date. I didn't know if there was a different way? Thanks!

the save files are stored outside the game and should be found by any newer version installed

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Like someone else, I am also wondering how to update the game to the latest version. Moreover, do I have to individually download and install each previous update or is the latest update all inclusive?

You only need to install the full game of the latest version. It will contain all contents for the game.

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When will the latest update be released.

Deleted 3 years ago
Deleted 3 years ago

A great great game, some thinking between fun, and fun thinking, i recognised those two on the, as Lukas asked, how do we continue, im at 1% only,,

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How do you update the game?

I have the same question. I tried to open an update zip file and when the game opened up all I got was an error message.

Hi all. How do we safe progress and/or view items on Treasures of Nadia?

No problem. Found it with 2fingers, like most things in the world🕺

this is full version or just a demo ?

Deleted post
Deleted 2 years ago

it used to crash with me too... just delete it n re download it it should work... its a fun game cant wait for more

I like this game interested. Make me have fun enjoy with adventures 👍

I really like the old Sierra style adventure look of the game, although the humor and jokes are a bit forced and fall a bit flat for me personally. Anything else looks promissing. I'll keep this one on my radar.

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