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Question: I am told to give the Pirate Diary to Madalyn, who, according to all walkthroughs, should be in her room at the church. But she simply isnt. This leaves me stuck, because nothing else can progress (even maxed out fishing for now). Is there anything that can be done to load her into her chambers maybe?

I have exactly the same problem, so this is not an isolated incident.


I changed my computer and I lost all the data game (up to V36061), I don't know if stills in my old computer and I could switch it or I lost it forever?

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I bought Lust Epidemic on Steam at the beginning of the year and have played it through three times now.  Love the game and I am really looking forward to ToN.  Is there any sort of timeframe on its full release?  


Hello guys.I played the game on browser via gamcore but is not the final version so it stops at 32%. 

I downloaded the pc version from here and i want to know where browser saved files are located.

I tried on C:\Users\Desktop\AppData\Local\User Data

But is not there.

Please help me i dont want to play this game from the beggining.Thanks :)


Same problem here, I played via gamcore and now I can't continue. If you find out a solution please let me know too.

Bro same problem, l cant locate the file

I'm in the same boat. Been trying for about an hour now. Where does the save file go!?

hello hello, i played this game online and i absolutely loved and enjoyed it, but obviously i only reached a certain percentage, now i am looking to be a patreon member and pay in order to have the latest version but i have a Chromebook and there is no way i can download it and im not sure if i should trust MEGA which is where im sent when i press the download button for Android (anybody think they can help and/or guide me) :)

i downloaded this game and many other games using mega and i've had no problems at all. so you should be fine

Android root folder 

install apkpure  

Select apk xapk install 


is there something you should buy from squallmart? i can't buy anything, and i can't communicate with anyone what i can do?

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I've the same problem. Is it the end off this free att patch?

When is version 38 coming out for Android ?


I cant download the latest version. Is there a bug?

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The game isn't compete yet. In order to get the latest version, you need to join the patreon. 

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Me too 💔

Is there a way for me to retain and migrate my saved data in my android device unto a newer ver. of the game?

If you have a rooted android, there is supposed to be a savefile that you can copy and paste for newer version, but I could never find it, even if my phone was rooted.

This is the best game on here and just about perfect so far. Amazing!

I'm from Cuba. In my country I cannot download from MEGA, leave me another link that is not from that page.

i have played V36061 two days ago, done 31% and it says ur update is over,

what is further now ... when d other update gonna come,

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I cant go past 10% too

i cant get to the torch on the boat island, how do i get to it?

What is a new update

When is the next update coming out? and by when will the game be 100% released ?

What is the locales directory for? I saw that there are several languages there how can I change?

@NLT  is it possilbe to buy the game and connect it to the online saveing??


I'm just about a minute ago updated 

And it's just going to ash by the church and a little talk then the side the update is finsh 

Is something wrong or what

Me tooo :/

Anyone have different download files that you can lend me that let me go farther in the game than just the free version?


Download links for supporters are at

Also for lust epidemic idk why but I'll save my game throughout the game but whenever my game crashes it makes me start a whole new play through so I can't continue. Any tip on how to fix this?

Okay, I used the auto updater today and everything seemed to go fine. Then I opened the game and when I tried to go through the cave, the way was blocked by the stone again. I loaded the 33% save game and checked again and the rock was still there.

I looked at my phone and it only says I am 23% of the way complete but I have a 33% saved game.

I am missing 20 scenes from my scene list but my house is just like I left it. Also the scorpions are back on the screen two down from where you catch the Kyack across the river.

I would like to continue my game. Can you get back with me asap?

Im stuck. The soul crystal just says that I can break into the church now that I have the key Ash dropped (although I could've sworn I already could have) but when I go into the church there is nothing there and nothing to interact with.

Go in the door below

What about the torches? I have lit 4 now, I know in your other game you had to turn on space heaters to override the laser grid but I haven't discovered what is connected to the torches in this game.

I seriously need to see that barmaid's ass smashed

You and me both bro

anyone know how to transfer save files on pc

the new update is not for online version also?

Can someone solve this problem? Im playing on Samsung Galaxy A7 and my game just random stop and freeze

anyone completed all 14 pages on v34052? i'm missing one page. i've found one more accessible chest , but don't have another key. can't seem to find this last chest key.

try behind the library!

thanks for the reply. i think i got that one already (moved the stone) unless there's another hidden key somewhere?  the last chest i can get to is in the park on the other side of the river to the left of the jaguar.  must have missed a key somewhere.


I play lust epidemic on Android free 

When new update release

hi, anyone knows where I can find some philweed?

when is the next update coming....

im seriously in love with this game


how much % on the last update ?

online, free, 33%

I cannot find my save files in android phone.. Please help me

hi im on android i tried to install the android version but it says app not installed my phone is asus zenfone max plus m1 i have 4gb space left 


I'm at the part where Naomi and the girl who works at the bar need me to fix the leaky pipes and Alia needs to get past the mosquitoes but I don't have a chest key for the chest in the attic of the bar for some reason my key just vanished and if that chest is needed to get rid of the spiders in the attic I can't continue. Help me please how do I get rid of the spiders?

ok for alia you need a lighter to light up the torch.for the bar girl the pipe is in front of the stairs a bit to the kill the spiders you will need to make a boot which you will get the ingredients for as you progress through the mission.

Okay I can do the torch part I also have the wrench already but idk where the ingredients to the boot is and I've already started progressing through the pipe fixing mission since I already have the pipe thank you for the help though really appreciate it!

Hi, I'm playing from linux (Ubuntu), I have downloaded the free version, extracted and flagged the game file as executable. but when I try to launch it does nothing... I checked the instruction but I've done everything, any idea?

My game loads once I click on the Game.exe part of all the files right after downloading the game.

Like inside of the WinRAR folders that are downloaded if that makes sense 

my game stopped at 10%

Add madalyn and lust epidemic kath place like semetry..


Hello, can someone help me with the Library garden stone. Where do I have to move it to get last chest key? Atm on 33% gameplay, maybe this one will get me to 34%.

bro are u talking about free release or payed? 

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