A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Treasure of Nadia V.51092

Cape Vedra is a town bustling with treasure tourism ever since Sofia Vesper, the worlds richest treasure hunter bought a mansion there. What secrets are waiting for you to discover?

Treasure of Nadia is an erotic adventure game featuring 12 gorgeous women that you will meet as you adventure throughout the hidden caves and jungles searching for artifacts to make a name for yourself in the treasure hunting world.

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(513 total ratings)
TagsAdult, Erotic, NSFW, nudity, sex, Story Rich


Treasure of Nadia Installer and Auto-Updater for Windows
Treasure of Nadia for Windows
Treasure of Nadia for Linux
Treasure of Nadia for Mac
Treasure of Nadia for Android

Install instructions


  • Download the Game zip file 
  • Open and extract the .zip file. I recommended the software WinRAR  if you do not already have a Zip software.
  • Launch game in the extracted directory.  

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Does the free version have a difference than the patreon one


i made 98 progress, i only have 57/60 extra progress, does anyone know what the last status extra is? I did everything but did I not do some activities in order or did I miss something in the beginning and now I can't do it, I have no idea. only the last two extras and the madalyn scene, I need help. i got everything else i got all the pages, i don't know if i got the yellow page or not but i got the kaaleyin triple scene what is the problem then i got the stuff in the secret places i need the last 2 extras 

Please give me a savefile for Treasure of Nadia I am stuck to Pricia which giving the Jasmine Oil


Please I don't want to reply the same scene. I just want the plot

Help me pleas!!!!

Anyone else been or are stuck on lighting 6 torches? And sam won't move out of the way of the cave for me to check a torch. Do I have to start over?


I hate that porn games have more interesting plots then "AAA" games..

what do you use for the chacater models

First of all, I would not recommend you to play this game without finishing Lust Epidemic. I finished it a while ago. It is a game with a well-written story that is really worth your time. I give 9 out of 10.

please use something other than mega


Why, when MEGA is one of, if not the, most reliable filesharing services available? If you install the desktop app and use that to download from MEGA, the download is guaranteed to finish. You will still need to wait to get a new transfer quota, but you won't have to watch the time to be sure to resume the download exactly when the waiting period is up, because the desktop app does that for you, ensuring the file WILL be downloaded on the first try. And you don't have to pay anything for it. All you have to do, is install the desktop app and create a FREE account.

I never have any problems downloading any file from MEGA on the first try because I use the desktop app with a FREE account, while every other filesharing service I have tried, I have to restart the download at least once from the beginning, usually three or four times, meaning I waste a lot of bandwidth, not only for me, but also the filesharing service. Some filesharing services even deny access to their public files if they are too popular, which I have never experienced with MEGA.

I think MEGA is great for smaller files like small videos pictures and stuff like that I do dislike it here though as I dislike that I have to wait so long for files above 5 GB or if I have to download 2 things that are just about 5 GB I like google drive a lot more for that or even just itch itself

Google Drive is, in my experience the absolute worst filesharing service. I have lost count of how many times I have gone to GD to download a file, only to be told that Google decided the file was too popular, and denied access to the file. I would rather KNOW I can download a file over 5GB within six hours, rather than wonder if I will even have access to the file to start the download at all within the next day, or week, or month.

when will there be more of the story released? this is a great game.

you have to be a member of the patreon to get the full game. The game finished 1.5 years ago.

thank you for that i did not know hahaha

Wow, that's... Honestly pretty chicken-shit. Oh well.

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i purchased treasure of nadia on steam and it stopped working after 20 minuetes of playing any help

when will the full game be released will it get a update to go past V.51092 or can you only get the latest version by becoming a member on patreon ?

You can only get the full version in patreon

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@NLT when are we getting a full android version? We are more than willing to buy the game.

I really love NLT games! sexy and naughty!however, I kind of find out a thing. All NLT games have one common, multiple gilrs to a man, which is not bad! I like it too, but if there are some multiple guys to a girl plays, or group sex plays, the games would be more playable! Thanks for creating those excellent games!  


hi guys. I have problem the game stuck on 49% as soon as i gave the Jasmin Oil she gave me 10.000 and then nothing happened, crystal is still saying that i have to go there a give here the  Jasmin oil but i already did. what sould i do? thanks


Sorry but what setup does it try to install when I want to play it?

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Please release the full game here, 2 countries that I know of, can't get it on steam


Pls help

Will someone please help me with this

Is the game full 100%? I updated it once for last version 0.51 and finished 45% , where is the rest??


i think the full game is on steam under the same name


They should update it here, on steam they don't allow it for germany and another country

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This game is already complete?


How about new update in android i.m stuck in 49%!!!!

can you add chrome os as a option for download


Linux is used in chrome os look up a yt tutorial and if your using your school Chromebook that's just sad man


i have a bug in the map124.json file, can someone help

I have already finished the game  39% in android version and after then messege was appeared update the game. I am new to this game .is any one can help me to how to do that.

on 49% i give the lotion to patricia and she gives me $10k im stuck she is allready at 4 hearts ,anny fix or i have to start over?

I need help I need to use the pickaxe for white sand and I don't know where the help says where the maca plant are but do I need let one grow or what. 

Thx for the help

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i just do the v60113 update on my pc and when i try to go to squallmart, it's tell me loading error failed to load: img/ckaracter/$SM-Prayer.png.please how can i fix it?

Deleted 1 year ago

The game is finished. The spinoff is The Genesis Order. 

Hi can you help me to update my game


Many thanks to NLT Games for bringing this beautiful game to us. We are waiting for you all to our Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough guide. It is 100% completed. Drop by for challenging puzzles or chapters!


How do I get the complete version

Where are the save files located in Android? My phone is rooted, yet I cannot locate anything that remotely looks like one.

I'm in /data/data/nlt.media.treasure


Whats the difference between this version and steam?

Please help! Stuck on 49% where im told to "bring Pricia the jasmine massage oil"... I gave her the oil but my Soul Crystal still says the same thing...


u probably gave her a talisman that unlocked that seen but if you want i can send you an old safefile from me 

I would love a savefile from you if its no trouble

Can you also send me that old Save file?


Ahem same here i could use that

Can i get that save file as well please? I gave her the massage oil but didn't get the dailogue after

i will need that save file too

can I please get that save file as well 

Hey, could you give me a save state as well? I am hitting the same roadblock

i Have the same problem gave her the oil and the game stuck at 49% and still asking for the oil. can i also have the file?. thanks

This problem still occures. you still got that file to provide me?

Can you please send me the safefile as well? Please

Help me please

do you have that save file for bringing pricia the jasmine massage oil? 

Is the protagonist male or female?



it lags my mac when I am walking outside of their houses and also when i'm walking in the map, but I got no problem when I'm inside their premises or any places with few surroundings, maybe because the field is black or something alike. is there a way to fix this? 

privellege problem switch to android

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Is ToN stopped on 49%??

Fav game ATM. More milfs and sex than any other game I played. Is Genesis Order good? I'm waiting for the updated game.

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 i have tried everything to find of those things but never found the last tomb key :( find 3 tomb key segments in the deep jungle and find the crafting scroll

I think i got stuck. The ghost hint lady tell me to break into the church with the key i took from Ash, but the church is not locked, i can go in and out with no problem, and nothing happen. Any ideas?


When you go to the church there is small door to left choose it and continue

I found it after, but thank you for answer :)

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