Update to .48022

The public version of Lust Epidemic has been update to .48022 and is available!


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  • More story and content including 2 new story scenes, 4 new photos 
  • Made some minor bug fixes and other minor changes
  • Added a new "Photo Album" and photo collectibles
  • Added a new system that reminds you to save your game and you can set the reminder frequency or turn it off
  • Implemented "fast-travel" that will allow you to more quickly move around as the world expands
  • Obstacles requiring a "pick ax" have been added to one chamber basement coin and the closet KS page "tit play" but will not be noticed by returning players
  • Returning players will find a photo in the forest that will appear in Parker's office for new players.


Lust Epidemic v.48022 - For Windows
Jul 13, 2019
Lust Epidemic v.48022 - For Linux
Jul 13, 2019
Lust Epidemic v.48022 - For Mac
Jul 13, 2019
Lust Epidemic v.48022 - For Android
Jul 13, 2019

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Is there a update only file? I played v.44021, i have to download the full version and play it all over again?

excelente experiencia.

Great game. I play it as fast as you will release it.  The Mac version works flawlessly.  Looking forward to future releases.