A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Lust Epidemic - v.61042

A student of East State University named Brad finds himself stranded at rival college Saint Dame University during a hurricane that has unexpectedly changed course and struck the town.

While exploring the ancient and creepy campus grounds you'll uncover many mysteries and secrets... as well as some sexy fun time with some amazing MILFS!

If you like what you see and would like to play more, please support the development of this game by leaving a review or joining my Patreon...


As a supporter you can download the completed version of Lust Epidemic as well as play Treasure of Nadia with as little as $2 support.


Install instructions

Installation of Game

  • Download the Full Game zip file 
  • Open and extract the .zip file. I recommended the software WinRAR  if you do not already have a Zip software.
  • Launch game in the extracted directory.  


Lust Epidemic v.61042- For Windows
Lust Epidemic v.61042- For Linux
Lust Epidemic v.61042- For Mac
Lust Epidemic v.61042- For Android

Development log


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Whenever the download from Mega finishes, my computer crashes, and I have to do a hard reset...any solutions? It's only happened for this download

Running out of disk space?

I have a ton of free space, and I've tried the download on 3 different browsers, I think it might just be a Mega thing

Hey so I've got the game and I've saved but when my game crashes occasionally I lose my saves and all my progress which means I have to start a whole new game please help me with this. 

not sure what could be causing this, but you can back up your saves from the www/save folder

What's the next build after Version 36 of Treasures of nadia? Sorry for posting on a different thread

I am struck, please help me! Where to find the 4 security chip for the basement

When new  update come

Amanda x ray mod great 

Add more mod 

Great work D 

I play free on Android


I'm going to be honest. Aside from the lewd scenes this is one ugly game in my opinion. But hell, it's one of the most entertaining games I've played in a long time. Great work :D

next update please

Just about a perfect game. I'd adjust some of the women's looks a bit, but that's me. Is the full v1 going to be made available here? Great, great game!

 please make a auto updater and installer of lust epidemic  

This game has not been updated from nov 15

Pls do update the next version

I am only on 59℅ when will the next update launch

Can I get the next update download link it's 64051

I restarted the game, downloaded the most updated version and still the angel statues do not appear.

gave error and there is appearing stone angel, help

O que outras pessoas estão dizendo

Excuse me, are these games available in the itch desktop app?

Good time to release an update for this epidemic considering we're all locked down for this global pandemic...

I am stuck in Chapter 5. I can't get Brad to lie down. What should I do?

When will the next update for this game come out?

How to new update

Does anyone know when the nxt free update  is coming cause I finished 

V.61042 or do I have to start over

I had to start all over I was pissed 

which version was you o

Do you have the link of next update 

Pls help. How can I open iron chest?

Isn't lust epidemic available on steam anymore? :(((

It should be, I just bought it yesterday. Maybe check your search settings to make sure you can see adult games.

(2 edits) (+1)

I cannot find it anymore. I know it was available some months (weeks?) ago. My settings are correct so i should be able to see/find it. I mean other adult games of the same "quality" are offered to me still.

Edit 1: Strangely the lust epidemic steam community page is still there though...

Edit 2: Ok, it says that it is not available in my country right now anymore. Until further notice.

how do the updates work does a person have to start completely from the beginning game with each new update any new help would be appreciated  

I see the shovel and the bush but can't pick up the shovel what do I use on the bush

Парни подскажите веревка есть, где крюк найти?

Застрял на 54% не могу найти крюк к веревке уже все облазил,  подскажите,  пишет игра Энди знает где крюк,  а я не знаю кто такой Энди,  подскажите?

Awesome game!)

i have v.16042,,, but still 60% have reached the end of the game, and must be update. how??


 please make a auto updater and installer of lust epidemic  

Deleted 117 days ago

I've completed 60%

It says upgrade the version

What should I do now??

I´ve only been able to play as far as getting in to the Woods with Simon and Andy, is that the last update on Lust Epidemic?

Same...so how to get the latest version??

(1 edit)


Sorry, I'm new for this. It's the game are safeful for computer? What's the size of this file? When i click on download (windows), i have redirected on Mega, it's normal?

Last question, It's a full version or just a demo?


Yes it is normal. I would download the itch client it makes downloading and playing your games alot easier. But yes Mega is very reputable and safe

Deleted 111 days ago

How and where do you get the crystal ball? Until now I haven't got it

How do you mix the perfume bottle with the serum on android

Just open inventory and select the serum then select the perfume bottle after.

Where do you find the last skeleton key for the chest in the vent

That is also my question. I finished 98% of the game
(1 edit)

Is this last update? I finisged 60% of the game and game said wait for update. I downloaded the last one but nothing changed.

Same....did you find the latest version?

I guess it's latest public version of the game. You can find out from patreon. 


I try it with Linux Mint 19.3, but I can't start the game. If I click the 'game'-icon the game will not start.

Which programm should I use to start the game?

Thank you in advance


I'm stuck in a part 5 I don't know I'm bored

i want new version

i cant find the last security chips, 


i m blocked here

Look for a treasure chest on the 2nd floor

Im stuck in that part too, i cant get my 4th chip, im out of skeleton keys. I was not using the walkthrough and opened a chest that doesnt contain the chip, have no clue what to do...

Hello I tried opening chest too but I got that kamasutra pages only. Please help me where to find the 4 security chip😟

Check out the walkthroughs on the Discord (Link at nlt-media.com)

Can u please upolad ur save file on gdrive and let me download?I have already been played 60% when the game crashed. The only thing I left is 27% completed save file.Can you help me?

I have the 96102 Version and for some reason I can't play with Amber when i got the 3 hearts already. The chrystal is just telling me to play with her but the "play" option it doesn't appear and when i click it says "you don't have enough hearts for this" when i clearly have them. I tried starting again and its just the same, please some help? Its bugged? what can I do?

Are the 3 hearts "filled" or "grey" cause they need to be filled. You may need to visit the bonus area to buy a heart or two.

They are filled :(

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