Lust Epidemic - Update to .57041

The public version of Lust Epidemic has been update to .57041 and is available!

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Changes since the last version... 

  Since .54032

  • More story and content including 1 new story scenes,  1 new toy
  • Added x-ray mode for another character
  • Added a photo from the toy box scene (will automatically be in your album)
  • Made some minor bug fixes and other minor changes


Lust Epidemic v.57041- For Windows
Oct 14, 2019
Lust Epidemic v.57041 - For Linux
Oct 14, 2019
Lust Epidemic v.57041- For Mac
Oct 14, 2019
Lust Epidemic v.57041- For Android
Oct 14, 2019

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Spectacularly good art, especially in respect to the female characters. Cunning plotting. A brilliant compulsive storyline that will keep players hooked. What more could anybody want? Personally I really dislike the X-ray mode, which I really can't imagine many people would choose to enable,  but you can't have everything although Lust Epidemic does give you nearly everything! A game of this quality, complexity and size can't be the work of just one person surely? Or is it? If it is then it's author must be some kind of a genius!