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I try it with Linux Mint 19.3, but I can't start the game. If I click the 'game'-icon the game will not start.

Which programm should I use to start the game?

Thank you in advance


I'm stuck in a part 5 I don't know I'm bored

i want new version

i cant find the last security chips, 


i m blocked here

Look for a treasure chest on the 2nd floor

Im stuck in that part too, i cant get my 4th chip, im out of skeleton keys. I was not using the walkthrough and opened a chest that doesnt contain the chip, have no clue what to do...

Hello I tried opening chest too but I got that kamasutra pages only. Please help me where to find the 4 security chip😟

Check out the walkthroughs on the Discord (Link at

Can u please upolad ur save file on gdrive and let me download?I have already been played 60% when the game crashed. The only thing I left is 27% completed save file.Can you help me?

I have the 96102 Version and for some reason I can't play with Amber when i got the 3 hearts already. The chrystal is just telling me to play with her but the "play" option it doesn't appear and when i click it says "you don't have enough hearts for this" when i clearly have them. I tried starting again and its just the same, please some help? Its bugged? what can I do?

Are the 3 hearts "filled" or "grey" cause they need to be filled. You may need to visit the bonus area to buy a heart or two.

They are filled :(

Okay I am stuck and the crystal ball is no help. It says that Katherine will be thankful for me turning the AC on but every time I talk to her I make some lewd comment about sleeping with her and she asks me to leave, then my inventory opens up like I am supposed to give her something but nothing works.. I just keep getting dialog from her like "i dont think that is useful" or "I dont understand"

You need to combine the serum and the perfume bottle.

Yes but how/where? I have both but I have no idea where to go to do it.

Nvm, figured it out.

How did you do it

You have to clock on the empty perfume bottle then click on the serum before talking to her.

still no update?  

I have the free version V.57041, however having 54% progress there is a comment that I have to update in the version. My question is how can I do this and how can I continue playing?

I download the free file from lust epidemic,my tablet it says download complete but i dont find the file.

so I have v.61042 and cleared it and just downloaded v.99121 and wanted to know if the game would automatically transfer my save file or would I have to or is it even possible?

How did u get v.99121

just downloaded it idk..... I’ll see if I can find the link for you

that would  be amazing  thanks

ok also I’m not gonna say I know that’s the version I had but that’s what the version number said from what I remember. That was a while ago.

I am stuck at 65% - get error code when go in 3rd floor room east of room with boxes and move east box . error loading %24ParkerHallVent . Am using v98112 (started with v96102). Is there a patch or an earlier version that has the right file. I see the file but must be corrupt to cause the error.

Okay so for some reason i'm not getting any way to save whenever i downloaded this game, It's straight up missing the save file 

Be sure to extract the ZIP contents before lunching the game.

Alright so i had extracted it once before and it didn't have the file but i just re did it and it worked so that was odd, but it's fixe now at least.

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Saves don't work 

Every time i exit the game it gives no option to continue when starting it back up.

I tried to download the game but it said the file didnt exist anymore. can someone help? I tried going to the patreon too...

pls can anyone tell me if the andriod version here works because i have tried downloading from other sites and it keeps showing me black screen

It works for me.

Hi NLT. I downloaded your excellent game for mac, but it won't open - it says 'The application "Game" can't be opened.'

I have checked the Security and Privacy settings in Preferences and everything seems alright there.

Any advice? Anyone else been having this problem?


It's a problem with Catalina. Soon the full version will be available and that will have Catalina compatibility. Catalina compatibility starts with .96102

Great, thanks for replying. Final version out Nov 1st?

My device flags the android version of this this game as a threat. Each time I start the game it keeps asking permission to access my device in places it does not need to be. Don't know if the threat is real, but this is the first game that I've installed that is actually flagged as a threat. Maybe it's nothing, but I've removed the game nonetheless.

Does does anyone know how to click on the clue card on the Android version in the priest office? I clicked everywhere possible I see the card on table but it won't let me click it.

Hey I got the game on Windows (.57041)  to work fine but it won't let me save? I got to the file 1, 2, etc section on the phone but I can't click anything.

The download page for update is blank. can't open the link

Hello NTL. Big fan of your game, I just have one question. You have a "Super Secret Chamber" in Lust Epidemic. I find it really cool you hid some easter eggs, but the problem I have is, that you need some certain "achievements" to unlock additional girls? Where can I see those "achievements"? and what are they? I have completed the game at 98% currently, searching for the last kamasutra pages and last outfit to buy.

Any info on those achievements would be gladly appreciated.

Have a nice night/ day forward.

Kindest regard...

The Chosen

The secret sex chamber will start to be filled in with the November 1st Patreon release.

Only missing Amber page 11 and amanda page 15 but after looking up where to get the ive already tried what the guide says and neither are showing up on Android. Any suggestions?

In version .54032 we can play upto 54% but I can only complete 49% and get showed that it is end of chapter. What is happening? I have tried the crystal ball but it shows that the chapter is completed

It should also show a list of what you have and what you can get. The difference is the % difference. For example if you have 7 of 8 outfits, you are missing 1 outfit.

In version .54032 we can play upto 54% but I can only complete 49% and get showed that it is end of chapter. What is happening?

The collectibles count toward the %. Check the crystal ball to see what you're missing.

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This game looks lit! But, whenever I start a new game, it always crash/freeze at intro (car scene). I already tried to use save file, doesn't work, crashes too. I already install rpgm rtp and codec. Any help? Here's my spec: DxDiag

I have updated from version 50031 to version 89091 on Android. How can I have progress transferred cause it's showing two different apps? 

If both versions are official, 89091 should update 50031.

So official versions are available only here?

When is the next version coming out

Middle September


Are you going to post later versions of your game here even for a small fee?

Currently only though Patreon are any newer versions available. But perhaps when the game is 100% finished I could put it here too.


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Is there an update file from v.44021 to v.48022?

I do have update files on my Patreon post here...

Is their a way to update without having to download the game again?

There is an update file available on my Patreon...

I recently played v. 71x all the way to the end of the version and I loved every minute of it's a great game, with a thought out, compelling story, relatable characters, great animations (top notch, I dare say) and good UX. One concern I have is the incompatibility of saved games from earlier releases. Is this because you add content that makes the save incompatible, or is there another reason? I'm considering becoming a Patreon supporter, but given the limited time I got to play, If I had to replay the game every time, I'd end up really frustrated.

I've made sure that any newer version of the game is compatible with any older version. For Mac and Android this is automatic, for Pc and Linux you simply need to copy your save folder from the previous install to the newer install or overwrite your older install with the newer install.


Really like how you guys spend time and effort to rig the vag and anal flexing. Some games just make the dick clip through the general area where the vag is and call it a day especially the japanese titles.

Hi, I downloaded newest version 61042 for mac and it says cannot open "Game" application. But the versions before opened normaly. Please help!

i downloaded the new version. how do i restart where i left off from last version?

i was asked to pass this on...  Do you NLT know about miagamepack : selling your game in their name..?  no reply needed , was passing this on, so you know

I extracted zip files to applications on my mac but i get an error message saying I cannot open "Game" application

On a Mac, you have to make sure your security settings allow the game to be run. Have you checked your security settings for apps?

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I downloaded a copy of v.37011 and LOVED it!  One of the best adult style games I've played to date, and it's only 36% finished according to the creator?  Damn, I'm super interested to see where this goes.  The plot is nice and deep that sometimes I forget this is a porn game since it's so seamlessly interwoven.   Will keep this game on my radar for the future.  Can't wait until it's done.  About the only thing I'd like to see changed is more and better voice acting, especially during the sex scenes to really make them pop and sizzle. 

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