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If I finished the previous version, but just downloaded the newest version, do I have to start over?

anyone have the link to the no download browser version?

guys need help...what i have to do when the hint tell me...u re tired u should try to sleep...i ve tried all but nothing news happen and cant continue.....


You should go to the storage room you were assigned and sleep on the couch. Stand near couch and click on the couch.
Storage room--> From main hall, go right, get inside the left room after crossing the first arch. He will anyways wake up soon after having wild dream :P

is v.61042 last version?

No it is not.  NLT makes they're game versions to represent the percentage so basically v.61 is 61% of the game. Look for v.1.0

But 1.0 is paid, where can I find it for free ?

Me too bro

You can find it in erospanish, but the language is in spanish


Not the original guy but I never realized this is how it works so i just wanted to say thanks


v.1.0 is with payment?Answer me bro?How can get free? 

Pay for it

Is there more updates. Because this is my first time playing this game.


Plz anyone help me in turning the laser no 8 off ! I can't

You need to turn on the radiators around the map

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please make a ton launcher like u make a ton laucher for ur game treasure of nadia please 

This game free or not? How to download a new version?

I am trying to find the key card during the chase with the squirrel can anyone help

try breaking south wall of the east tower room floor 2


How long is the game on average?

20ish hours if you're a completionist.

Trying to download on mac and won't work, just says application won't open(not the unidentified user thingy), but worked on treasure of nadia tho. Any help? I even tried downloading an earlier version, but it ended up just taking me back to the latest version

You may not be able to plat the free version on Mac. It has not been updated to support Catalina. But on Patreon and Steam you can get the completed full-version of the game that should work on Mac.

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I am stuck at the point where I need to get into Parkers bedroom, I googled and found out that I need to get it from the box in the west tower, but I dont have a key to unlock it, where do I get this key

Check Parker's dead body in the church

Did that, to get into his office, but now I am stuck at getting into his beedroom

Use serum spray on Bancroft

i did

The spray? Did you mix the perfume bottle with the serum bottle?

will there be a new update on the free version soon?

Likely not at this point since it's $2 on Patreon. Perhaps in the future after a couple more games are completed.


who has the full version

How do i get it..

MastUrbate, not masterbate. Ok it's just a 2$ game...


the game is so immoral, i can't believe that the creators this game even had sex with their mothers or sisters..


You're saying that this game's Developer commited incest in his/her real life?

do they need to? o.O?

am using v61042 and the game ended prematurely when buddie and mendel go looking into the woods for buddies gun

Could someone tell me when is the next version coming for Android? 

The next free version is coming November 1st

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I can't find the second wheel for the dolly, I know it is meant to be in the woods after you put the rope up with Andy and Simon. But it is not there, can anyone help?

Check the basement in the secret room

I have the wheel from the secret room but for some reason the one from the woods is not there yet, any idea why?

I think it's in a chest

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Thank you! I've checked all the chests I can see, will it be in specific chest? I think I may have missed something specific that leads to the wheel being spawned in the woods.

Have the same issue, did you manage to get the second wheel in the woods?.... apparently my game has ended

Nope, never managed to get the second wheel and my game has ended too, waiting on the next update but I don't know if I will be able to move on until the wheel spawns.

im stuck at a part were it says katherine will be happy to hear it... can anyone help me?

Hey, I downloaded .61042 and I am unable to save the game. I have already been playing treasure of nadia. Should I replace some files or anything else has to be done?

Extract the game from the zip before running Game

I did that. But when i press a save file for saving a noise comes over and the data is not being stored.

try running the game as admin

Is this game completely finished or any update coming up. The version i am using right now is only 61% complete. So is this version 100% complete 

complete version can be downloaded from for $2 or on Steam for about $6

Hey hi my mobile phone RAM is 3GB .Can I able to install the full game ? 

Internal storage needs 3 gigs to install

hey, i tried installing the Android version onto my phone but it wont work.

make sure you have 3-4 gigs free

i have plenty of space and when i put the .apk on the phone, that works fine and when i start it up it begins the installation but it doesn't finish.

can you download the APK to an sdcard and install from there. Also the game needs to be installed to the main drive, it cant be installed to an sdcard

Gigs means? Giga bytes ?


Hace 2 dias descargue la version gratuita 61042, me parecio muy entretenido, y la historia me sorprendio, al igual que las escenas, lo digo en serio, sobre todo cuando te persigue el guardia de seguridad. me gustaria la posibilidad de terminar todo el juego, espero algun dia tener esa posibilidad. me diverti mucho, saludos! 

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Can u please give me the link for version v.37011,v.41012,v.44021 please give me these links I am using v.34122 I need to update pls anybody send the link for me🙏🙏🙏

Any body pls give me the link


I just used the Android Download link to install the v 61042. But, in game, my saves are noticed as v 41012. Is it normal?'s fine

I've got the same issue and the game finishes at 58% with no way past

Bro can u send me the link for V 41012 pls

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Is the completeed version only available on patreon and steam ?



I’m trying to download the game using an iPad but it keeps sending me to the mega site.  I’ve installed it and nothing is happening.  How do I check if pop up blockers are on?

Lust Epidemic wont work on iPad. It's only Mac, PC, Linux, and Android


I bought the steam version. Cant wait for Nadia to come to Steam as well :D

Quick question. While googling I found something called version 1.1. I assume this is a mod and not officially made by you? If an update happens, it will automatically come to my steam account?

Kind regards!

1.1 may be referring to the Android version which is exactly the same as 1.0 on other platforms

Ever since I got the pattern version, I haven't been able to pull up the, map, nothing. Using android.

Did something change with the settings or am I just missing something?

not sure what's going on, but tap 2 fingers on your phone to bring up the manu

When will next free update?

is this game still updating?

It's complete and currently available through Patreon and Stream


How to get that, could you please tell me the procedure

I just finished the whole game and made an account just to comment here. Huuuge props to NLT, the man is making 2 games for 2 $ a month and the first one is a masterpiece and the second one is even better even if its still not even halfway through.

Whenever the download from Mega finishes, my computer crashes, and I have to do a hard reset...any solutions? It's only happened for this download

Running out of disk space?

I have a ton of free space, and I've tried the download on 3 different browsers, I think it might just be a Mega thing

Where is the Ambers 11th Kamasutra page please respond I cannot find it right now

Hey so I've got the game and I've saved but when my game crashes occasionally I lose my saves and all my progress which means I have to start a whole new game please help me with this. 

not sure what could be causing this, but you can back up your saves from the www/save folder

What's the next build after Version 36 of Treasures of nadia? Sorry for posting on a different thread

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