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Built on the remains of a forgotten tribal town, North Santiva is a modern city filled with mysteries to uncover.  An investigation into a murder starts off this epic adventure as you play a detective, trying to impress his babe of a boss.  Along your journey you will meet many gorgeous women, discover new sexual powers, and deal with a sex virus that plagues the city.

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(231 total ratings)
TagsAdult, Erotic, NSFW, nudity, sex, Story Rich


The Genesis Order - Windows
The Genesis Order - Mac
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Gostaria de saber se já tem a versão traduzida para o português BR, venho jogando desde lust epidemic e adoraria continuar na franquia, porém em inglês não dá!!! 

Hey, there seems to be an insinuation that the main character had a crush on Chloe when she was a minor and he was an adult. I find this greatly disturbing. Maybe I have misinterpreted this, please let me know if I have.

is there any person knows hot the fuck I can handle quota problem of mega it started to be very much annoying because it is very much random

solved it just use ZenMate VPN

what does it mean by error @lily named something file is not found. I cant progress the story after they went to underworld...anyone knows how to fix this problem?

Excuse me, I noticed that your work does not contain Chinese subtitles, and your work has attracted many Chinese users, and I am one of them. Unfortunately, language blocks us from experiencing your work. Do you have any intention? What about adding Chinese subtitles to the work? I believe this will add more fans to your work. Of course, considering that the producer, that is, your energy may not be able to complete the translation work, I would like to make a suggestion. I can help you complete the text translation work for free, and then you can add the text When it comes to your work, do you accept this suggestion? Looking forward to your reply

Hey All. When I will go into the rift with Tasha and the Priest i got this bug: Loading error Failed to load: img/characters/$Magma.png. I restart the game, but it happens all the time. Whats wrong?

Please help.

yep exactly me too have this problem and couldnt progress the story... Anyone knows how to fix? I played Treasure of nadia before and it went all smooth well without error..... Help someone!!!!

when will the next update release?

i see people saying on steam bro gotta move

where can I find ella after the main story

In hell

where can I find ella after the main story


If this game is abandoned then please post an update informing us to no longer wait for an update.

Game got added on steam recently as early access, newest version is 0.91112 so it’s not far from full release. These here are old versions that serve as demo.

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Thanks, but I think the developer could post that as news on this page so that we stop waiting for an update.

Can't run on linux / steam deck. When I try to run launcher.sh or nw it says it can't find the default font. How to start the launcher or the game? I've been supporting on Patreon for months only now trying to give this game a go.

I experience the same issue with some other titles which are able to launch directly from itch.io. The same error message about default font. Does anyone know of a solution?

Common issue with RPG Maker games; navigate to directory with nw binary

mkdir fonts;
echo '<fontconfig><dir>/usr/share/fonts</dir><cachedir>fonts</cachedir></fontconfig>' > fonts/fonts.conf;

Thank you very much. This works! So now I'll have to launch the game like this every time?

First two commands are one-time use; the variable is important; you have multiple options for last line like adding alias in shell rc, exporting variable in shell profile or creating .desktop file


Please release this and Treasure of Nadja on Itch.io  I can't get it on steam from what I heard that you released it there.

Also, are you able to make it usuable with the app? Not sure why some data can't be downloaded there.

Treasure of Nadia is also on GOG.

Yes but I'm not sure yet if I want 5 accounts everywhere I could get games.

how do I find my way into the dense foliage??

I would have bought all three episodes over steam if they would not have blocked such content in germany. Since today it is not possible to do an age verification to get this free. It does not matter if you have steam more than 30 years. Is it possible to buy a steam activation code for these directly from you NLT?


So, I'm guessing this game isn't getting updated here until it hits Steam?  I mean, that's fine by me, but is there a timeline for that?

Can somebody help me with this issue, as far as I know, there was a chest key at the top left of the Rift gate, but now when the game is almost over and the gate was destroyed due to the story, how can I recollect that key? Thank you so much

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why will the swim shoes not combine at all no matter what i even tried getting rid of them via save editor but that did not work 


So in 'The Genesis Order' Android version at the beginning after coming out of the porn store and after the ending of the dialogues an error is popping up like : 


"Uncaught SyntaxError: Expected ',' or ']' after array element in JSON at position 898567"

Is there any solution ? If so how do i do it ?

Hey Developer,

I finished the first Chapter and then it didn't take me ahead, so that was like 39% of the entire story. I must appreciate your work this has come up really well in comparison to the previous work. Good Job Keep it up and thank you for sharing. There are many Walkthroughs which are available but there are so many things that are not even mentioned in walkthroughs that a player can find which is amazing, especially the Chest Keys and those trees. Amazing work.

Hey How did you do the girls? They are amazing !!!

Downloaded the APK. I have issues with "right clicks" to save game or even when I open the game to choose to go through options I can't back out.

How did you solve this ?

So after redownloading the apk, the cutscenes with the character explaining the menu, she now mention to tap the screen with 2 fingers . Before it told me to right click. You also 2 finger tap the screen to exit the option menu on the main menu. Hope that helps.

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Hi can someone help me ? 

I've been struggling to download the game because when i click the download button it brings me to a Mega page and says "this file is too large to open in your mobile browser. please use mega mobile app for unlimited file size support and to earn another 5GB  of cloud storage"then i click "open using mega app" but instead of opening the file in the Mega app open a Google play store page to make me install Mega. The fact is that i already have Mega installed . Understand my problem? If yes please help me

If I see that, I open the page as "desktop" mode, and the mega page changes so you can download the apk to your mega cloud . Then you use the mega app to download the APK to your device. You then navigate to where your device saves mega downloads to install the apk

Deleted 238 days ago

Copy the URL from your browser, open mega app, go to your files (cloud drive at top), hit the overflow menu (three dots in upper right hand corner), it should say "open link." Paste the URL there, hit enter, and you should be good to go. I hope this helps!

Deleted 265 days ago
Deleted 265 days ago

This is the game that follows up treasure of nadia correct ohhh and lust epidemic?

Any chance of non-3rd party files in the works? This game looks like it'd be good, but I want it on my Steam Deck.


Hey, i didn't understand what to do in the farm to access the saw on the wall so i deleted the game.

how do i update the game? to like a newer version


Might be a stupid question, but I've downloaded the Mega file. But how can I now open the game from file explorer? I cant seem to figure it out...

hi there! Once you've downloaded the file, you have to extract the file. This is done by right clicking the file and clicking extract. Afterwards you open the extracted file, and open up the folder and click the application.

Love, Emily <3

So just a question. Is this game still gonna get updated? Has been a while since the last update.

Version 37083 didn't play on my laptop because of profile errors even though I had already played the previous versions before, does this mean the issues was solved or ?

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My swim shoes didn't combine automatically , so I couldn't go other side of the log to get electromagnet recipe. Pls answer ASAP 🙏

I am having the exact same problem and there seems to be no way of fixing it in the game this is something that they have to fix

Какая версия самая последняя?


ja foi traduzido?

getting a trojan warning on android...

I can't for the life of me find any cracks in the interior walls of the police station, despite what multiple NPC tell me. Can anyone tell me where to look? Thanks.


I finally found it. If any one else is looking, it's just to the left at the top of the right staircase up to the second floor of the police station.

Is it animated?

yes, the lewd scenes are amazing, some of the best I know!

Just one quick question: Do I have to play treasure of nadia before?


I would recommend that to recognize some of the characters in TGO. And I definitely recommend playing ToN anyway. I like it way better than what I have seen in TGO for now...

Have fun!

Teasure of Nadia is a complete game, while this is still in development. And do not neglect the previous title, "LUST EPIDEMIC", since this is a trilogy!

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