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Built on the remains of a forgotten tribal town, North Santiva is a modern city filled with mysteries to uncover.  An investigation into a murder starts off this epic adventure as you play a detective, trying to impress his babe of a boss.  Along your journey you will meet many gorgeous women, discover new sexual powers, and deal with a sex virus that plagues the city.

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Updated 6 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(99 total ratings)
TagsAdult, Erotic, NSFW, nudity, sex, Story Rich


The Genesis Order - Windows
The Genesis Order - Mac
The Genesis Order - Linux
The Genesis Order - Android

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when i download the game the antivirus tells me that is a trojan, an explanation ?

I cannot open the game after the starting animation at the beginning of the game. And the animation gets stuck with the audio still running.

Oracle says I'm done with this Chapter - how to continue? Download other versions?


If you're running the latest version, then you can either wait for the next public (free) release here or subscribe to them on Patreon and get the absolutely latest version.

Is the protagonist male or female?




He's a robot, but you don't figure that out until you realize cops aren't real humans. #ACAB

can no longer progress because of this error, any solution?

im having the same issue  i am stuck. on 21043 but i see posts about v.47102 so where is that



Most likely via their Patreon page.

It is quite impossible to play on Android because we do not have a keyboard to press ESC key to access inventory and setting.


Did you double tap?


i redownload the latest a couple of times and even turn on low quality but still the same


how can i solve this problem????


V.49111 Android version,  loading error when go to church east 2nd floor,said loading error img/pictures/BG-churchEast2nd-dark.png

What is latest updates

Descargo la versi贸n en Android y a la hora de instalar la aplicaci贸n dice que tiene un troyano que pasa?


Stuck on v21041. I have done everything but the oracle tells me to talk to strangers. I have opened all chests, spoken to the strangers, and completed all exclamation marks but can't progress to the next part... what do I do? 

the oracles says: you have finished the chapter but missed out on a few secrets. dont be afraid to talk to strangers 

I love this game and would like to progress more please help 


should be v.47102... but a new version will be available later today i think


47% on v47102

this title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website

Crashes every time i open on my Mac

waiting for the next update! was able to go for 45% on  v 47102

Playing the game now but have become "stuck". Oracle says I've finished this chapter but missed some secrets and to talk to everyone. I've talked to every person in the game multiple times, nothing new. Most are saying they have nothing to say to me. Game save says I'm alike 22%. Any help on this or did I miss something integral somehow and have to restart? 


its 45%..... maybe you downloaded the old version? version  47102.


Yes, thanks. Realized I was playing a previous version. Updated to most recent and is working fine now.


I really wanted to give the game a try but MEGA sucks balls as a file xfer service.  Over 30 min on a fiber line and still waiting.  Ya might want to offer a few options.

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Download MEGA App in your mobile or download desktop windows version.... the DOWNLOAD speed is fast and amazing.. give it a try.. 

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did all that for the android tablet and it still blows.  never had issues with my PC .  FINALLY got it downloaded and installed to have all the menus to be off screen- like it's set for phone play.  too much of a pain in the ass to fiddle with settings to play .

thanks though.


hi, I love your games, this will come out on steam?


can someone tell me how far did he go with thegame (X%) with the new update

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when the update comes, i usually download the game and start a new game. is there a possible way to keep my progresse and keep up from where i left ?

like transforming  the old save game file to the new game file ?  


I play games using Android device,i copy the saves from games to my device and then paste it,when newer version comes out.

Where do you find backup files on Android ? Do you need to have root privileges ?

i even deleted the older version and downloaded the new one and i could still continue. so you dont need to do anything special, just press continue if you download the newest version


hi im stuck on 19%  it says you've finished this chapter
but when i look on youtube there is more parts than i play i play this version 19032


im having a similar problem. ther was more last time i played

should we download older versions??


Why not download newer version which is 41% or more?

yoo. that >= 41% represent the main story + side stories ( the peaple on the street) + the collections. when u get all of them you'll get 41% or more

i was saying that why that guy is playing older version? When he could play new updated one.

you figure it out?

The good stuff


hey is the story complet?

Not yet, work in progress

hello creator help me.

I stuck on a point where angel tell me that you completed this chapter but left some hiddent object. I tried talking to stranger and they told to open box in attic.

But it is night and I can't enter church. everytime father brian stop me.

so help me to figure out how to complete this.

I have the same issue at the moment,   Have you figured out anything?


I see some people asked my question but no answer, is this game going to be released on steam? and if so what is the release date?? please i can't wait for longer, I need an answer.

It will be released on steam when finished, it still has at least a year of development left. I highly recommend supporting this great developer on Patreon.


Is the story completed?


Is not the same mc from the TON, right?



No but character of ToN does appear in the game, just like LE character appeared in ToN.

It's also the next part of LE/ToN storyline.

it is not

Can anyone tell me if We can skip chapter 1 and start from chapter 2? any link? Thanks!

No need to for links just click continue from main menu and you will see varied completed saves which is 2%,5% completion of games already u can start directly from there


Realy gets better from game to game, quality of life improvements and all.


Anal sex?



Anyone know how to rewind text on androd?

Save often, in different slots on rotation, and, if you lose something, reload from last save.

Except during the animations, that can be played by phone again. and again and again...

How do you save on Android? I can't seem to find it

Use the phone in your inventory.

It's the First lesson in the game...


G.O is lit 馃敟 

Better than T.O.N 

I will definitely buy it. 


Will this also be sold on steam like the other two games?


Why I can't turn on the Fullscreen?

How to update without losing the save in android ?

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